Brown cushions

One major part of interior design in your home is taking care of the fine details, and this means all of those furniture accessories. Brown cushions help to make it feel comfortable and more like a home. Here at, we believe that we have the perfect brown cushion to suit your taste, needs and home décor. No matter if you are searching for textured brown toned cushions, throw cushions or cushion covers, we have the widest variety within the UK and all at an incredibly affordable price.


Why every home should have brown cushions

Here at we believe that every home should embrace the cushion that is the colour of the earth and natural tones. Brown is such an accessible colour and blends well with most colour schemes. The fabulous news is that there are many different tones and shades of brown, ranging from the incredibly subtle, right through to the more bold reddish/brown tones that can make a loud statement. The choice is yours!


Throw pillows

The throw pillow is incredibly versatile and can be used almost everywhere within the home. This type of cushion is perfect to be used on beds, armchairs and sofas. The flexibility of this type of pillow can also be enhanced with the use of a cushion cover. Please do take the time to browse our selection of brown cushions and throw pillows. All of our products can be found at