Why Green Cushions might be the best for your Interior

Cushions are designed to help you add colour and a point of interest to your living room. They are an economical way of redecorating your room, according to your temperament. With so many different shapes, fabrics, colours and sizes out there, it can be hard to know what to choose for your space. Remember that the arrangement and choice of your cushion cover can make or break your room.


The Beauty of Green throw pillows

Whenever you plan to buy a throw pillow or any other interior decor piece, the standard rule is to gauge the existing colour pallet and ensure they include an element of it. The positive bit about green cushions is they come in different shades that can fit in almost any setting, no matter the theme.

When the right shade is selected, a green cushion can easily create a unified look, blending your sofa into the rest of the features in your space. Green is more of a complementary colour that can accentuate any room naturally. The good thing about cushions is that you can swap them with cushion covers, depending on the season. For instance, during summer go for light shades of green and in winter, choose darker colours.


Shapes and Patterns

It might be easy to go for simple options such as square, but using online squares can make your interior look less inspired. Get unique shapes and sizes to add visual interest to your space. However, the pattern shouldn’t be unpractical but appealing. A green cushion makes a bold statement, and this should be reflected in the selected size too.


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