Bring pleasant change to your living room with striped cushions

Decorators who like to play it safe go for solid colours. Unfortunately, they don’t come with much vibrancy or expression. If you are thinking of breathing new life into your living room, striped cushions are your best bet. Remember, your living room not only tells a lot about your personality but is also a representative of the rest of the home to the outside world. Nothing can make a brighter, livelier and more welcoming expression than a striped throw cushion to visiting friends and relatives as long as it is creatively accessorised.


Luckily, if you have bought solid coloured cushions, you don’t have to get rid of them. With stripes on the cushions, solid coloured throw pillows will perfectly balance off the look. On the floor, use natural fibres for your rug. A sisal or jute rug will fall into a companionship with any colour but it has a special affinity with stripes. Bold stripes may look too strong at your opinion, making the room too busy. However, white cushion covers on the furniture and crisp white on the wall will effectively bring down the effect.


Mixing throw cushions with stripes

You might want to try something out of the ordinary by mixing colours and patterns. Usually a fabric comes with similar stripes but different groups of colours. Try and get a similar pillow pattern to the one on your cushions but with a contrasting hue. On the other hand, the cushions could be made from the same material but come in different patterns.


It may not be easy to track down the material or pattern of your cushions or throw pillows—whichever you bought first—but there is no need to worry. Just get online and visit . Among the more than 1000 unique cushions design coming in different colours, patterns and sizes, you will be sure to get your match. Even better, you can buy a new collection of striped cushions and the types of pillows recommended here for a complete change in your living room.