Accessorising with white cushions


A white cushion gives a pure and bright look to your living room. The home is a refuge after a long day at work, therefore try to make it as welcoming and warm as possible —which you can easily accomplish with the perfect white throw pillow on your sofa.


One of the benefits of having white cushions on your seats is the fact that it allows you to consider other features of your interior including the walls when accessorising them. Neutral wall colours will give you more options on the colour of the throw pillow to put on your seat. Remember that colours will affect the mood in your living room. For instance, cool colours like green, blue and purple have a calm and relaxing effect. On the other hand, more dramatic colours as red, orange and yellow inspire passion and warmth.


Patterns and Textures

You can always play with patterns of pillows when decorating your white-cushioned seats. However, don’t come up with a competition for the most dominant pattern. For instance, bold-patterned pillows should not be put next to each other. They should be broken by more subdued patterns. Likewise, the pillow nearest to busy-patterned pillow can best be solid-coloured.


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